Circus Day Nursery recently received a wonderful letter from a local Cheltenham Mum praising one of our team members for a random act of kindness, shown during out of work time.

Annie the Mum of 3 year old twin boys Oskar and Olivier was shopping in her local Tesco’s at the end of a very long, hot and stressful day when one of her boys managed to tip the trolley up at the checkout with Oskar biting through his lip!  With the majority of bystanders just watching, it was a young woman dressed in a “Circus Day Nursery” uniform who came to the rescue and offered immediate help.

In Annie’s own words

“ She was fantastic at calming the boys (and myself down) & instructed the Tesco staff what to do. Oskar had bitten through his lip and there was a lot of blood which sent me into panic mode, it is the first major “accident” I have had to deal with and don’t think I could have done it with out this fantastic young woman”

At the time (understandably!) Annie didn’t manage to get the name of the young woman who helped her but once home and everything had calmed down (Oskar had a couple of stitches in his lip but we are happy to report is back to his usual cheeky self!) Annie wrote to Sue Wilson the owner of Circus Day Nursery and we tracked down the Nursery Practitioner to be Trina, who was duly rewarded by the nursery with a lovely bouquet of flowers.  All of the staff team were incredibly proud.

We will let Annie end the story in her own words –

“We’d just like to say a HUGE thank you to her from all of us! I’m sure you are extremely proud to have such dedicated & wonderful staff, if all of your staff are as calm, professional, helpful and caring as this lady was to us then I can only imagine what a lovely setting it must be.

Once again please thank this member of staff from the bottom of my heart, she restored my faith in humanity.”