With the weather turning chilly and snow (gasp) falling all over the country we can’t think of a better comfort food meal to enjoy than a warming fish pie.  Sounds delicious for the whole family, doesn’t it?

Why Eat Fish?

Recently fish has been heralded as a food that we should be eating twice a week because of how it protects us from heart disease.  This recent article from The Telegraph discusses this plus here are some guidelines on eating fish and shellfish from the NHS for your children plus other members of your family.

Fish Pie is also a fantastic way to encourage your children to eat fish and vegetables – two things their growing bodies need – but they might not be too keen to eat. Plus if they know that their evening meal is something that they already enjoy at Circus that will increase the likelihood that there won’t be too many disagreements at mealtime.

With that, our own Chef Andy at Circus, who regularly shares his Circus tested child friendly recipes here on our blog would like to give you his recipe for Fish Pie. This recipe calls for white fish, but you could easily substitute salmon or another oily fish to get in your portion of oily fish in during the week.  Or you could use a combination of white fish and oily fish.  We’ve not added quantities for the recipe.  Simply use the amount of fish and veg sufficient to feed your family.

Fish Pie


White Fish – cut up in small pieces

1 tin of Sweetcorn – drained

Broccoli – parboiled and chopped

Leeks – parboiled and chopped

New potatoes – preboiled

Prepared Bisto parsley sauce


Place the fish, broccoli, sweetcorn and leeks into an overproof dish, pour over the parsley sauce and stir.

Cover with foil and cook in the oven for 45 minutes at 190C/Gas mark 5

Once the dish is cooked, add sliced new potatoes and serve with peas, carrots or any other favourite vegetables!

More Recipes From Chef Andy

The last time Chef Andy shared a recipe with us it was for Moroccan Style Cous Cous with Vegetables.  Another easy and fast recipe you can prepare for your whole family.

Is there a meal at Circus that your children particularly enjoy?  Want the recipe?  Why not tell us on our Facebook page or in the comments section below and we will publish it here on our blog.