With the weather being so cold and snowy many parents are having a hard time getting their kids out and about in Cheltenham to engage in activities.  So we at Circus Day Nursery wanted to give you some ideas for fun and productive things you could do with your children at home.

You might feel a bit stuck indoors but that doesn’t mean you can’t light a lovely, warming fire and enjoy some time at home with your little ones.

Turn off the telly and put on some music…

Why not introduce your children to music that was popular when you were small?  Talk about how old you were when a song was popular and the sorts of things you enjoyed and where you lived at that age.  Your children are bound to think of questions to ask about you and your family and your life that they never thought to before.  If you don’t have tunes from your past in your music collection you can easily use Pandora and create a radio station around a song or artist or search for something specific on Spotify.

Get out the paper, crayons, paint, markers…

When was the last time you drew pictures with your children?  You could draw whatever comes to mind whilst listening to music and chatting or you could download and print off free colouring sheets of wintery scenes from Funschool like these.

Tidy up and organise your child’s bedroom…

What better time is there to go through your child’s toys, books and clothes and come up with better ways to store them?  Involve your little ones in the process and they are much more likely to keep their space tidy as well.  Also are there items that your child has outgrown?  If your children are open to the idea of either giving them to a charity shop or handing them down to a younger member of the family then you’ve got the perfect opportunity to determine what items can go and what will stay in the newly organised space.

Have a look at this fantastic blog – Organise My House – with plenty of ideas on how to tidy your child’s room plus tips on how to work with your little ones to keep it tidy.  We liked the idea of hanging a hammock over your child’s bed for toys.  That way your child’s favourite toys for bed are at hand but the bed can be made easily.

Cook a delicious warming meal…

Have you tried our own Chef Andy’s Fish Pie recipe?  Or Moroccan Style Vegetables with Cous Cous?  They are both delicious and firm favourites with the children here at Circus Day Nursery.

Staying home with your children during this weather might interrupt your life but if you view it as an opportunity to be with your children – involving them in tidying the house or cooking a meal – then it can be a benefit to the whole family.

Why not tell us what you do during snowy stay at home days either in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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