On behalf of all the team, families, parents past and present, we are so proud and thrilled to share our birthday this year, celebrating a whopping 24 years of childcare at Circus, wow!

Some of our families from the early days have kept in touch and we are putting together a Circus Alumni to celebrate.  We think it would be wonderful to be able to share individual journeys following on from Circus, not to mention how our children have grown and developed.

As a start we have the lovely Meg who is about to embark on her studies at Oxford University, sporty Leah who represents hockey at county and national level, Natasha who has generously volunteered her time in Africa caring for less fortunate children and Jacques, one of our first alumni’s who is a passionate cricketer and excellent rugby player, to name a few.

If anyone is reading this and attended Circus at any stage from 1997 to 2005, please drop us an email  to hello@circusdaynurery.co.uk and let us know how you are getting on, it would be wonderful to share your adventures with everyone at Circus.

Moving onto our wonderful team, what an amazing group of motivated and talented staff, some new and some long term but all passionately dedicated to caring for our children.  I’m sure the many families and children who attended remember the team well and have fond memories of Circus over the years.

So as we reach another milestone, let’s take a deep breath and collectively blow out our 24 years of bright glowing candles as we celebrate to all past and present children with a special toast to Circus.  All the best of wishes for the next 24 years!

With love,
The Circus “family” team