Hello my name is Hayley, I joined Circus Day Nursery at the beginning of September appointed as Early Years Professional/ Curriculum Lead. I am pleased to say that I am thoroughly enjoying myself and everyone has given me a very warm welcome.

My purpose is to lead the educational aspect of the nursery and ensure that your child is having lots of fun whilst working through the curriculum.

I have had chance to meet some of you and I am starting to link many children to their parents ( you will have to give me a little more to get through this “next step”!)

Since September (some of you may already know) your children have been helping me give our Secret Garden a “makeover”. This is to enable us to have lots of adventures and get incredibly dirty! The “Pineapple Tree” is now a feature and the mud pit has produced some delicious “soup” and “cake”, and as I was the “dragon”- I really enjoyed the fun activities, delicious!

You will also see that our Learning Journey’s have been adapted to focus on your child’s progression. Could I encourage you all to complete “Weekend Sheets” as it gives us lovely ideas to help with future activity ideas for your children whilst at Circus.

Looking forward to getting to know more of you over the next few weeks and please accept my apologies for any muddy clothes!

Hayley EYP