Jamie Oliver inspired many of us, with his national education campaign in schools, to improve standards in supporting parents with healthy eating options for children. So what better way to start educating children than in the formative years….

First and foremost, our two long term chefs, Andy and Sian, have over 50 years joint cooking experience, and are dedicated and focused on getting it ‘spot on’ for your children.

Having raised young children, they understand the importance of food and diet. Qualified with a range of relative qualifications in Food and Hygiene, First Aid, Food Safety in Catering Level ll, Manual Handling, Healthier Food, and Special Diets level ll, to name a few, not to mention their positive fun personalities, and daily interaction with the children.

The kitchens are spotlessly clean, tidy and efficient, reinforced when parents are shown the kitchen and often reiterate “wow, you could eat off the floor, it is so tidy”. Pride in their work is a huge part of their job coupled with maintaining high standards. Part of this standard includes senior staff receiving training in methods of keeping food safe and the kitchen clean.

Recently awarded another 5 star rating from our latest (January 2011) Environmental Health Inspection, which is the third consecutive year, Andy and Sian work hard to maintain this level, cooperating in partnership with parents to help children with special diets/food requirements and allergies. We communicate with parents to inform them of alternative ingredients used for such diets, i.e. vegetarians, celiac, lactose free and diets based on religious beliefs.

We also provide information and ideas to staff when they are teaching groups about different food cultures, such as Italian day, and involve the chefs to help educate the children on various food groups, by actively being involved and showing children on a practical level.

In a bid to educate on the benefits of fresh fruit and vegetables, we want to endorse that at least five different fresh fruit and vegetables are used daily, for dinner, afternoon tea and snacks. We only use ‘free range’ eggs, and our wonderful chickens have helped children understand that eggs do not originate from a box in a supermarket!

We ensure no salt or sugar is added to any foods. This is practiced daily with freshly prepared fruit and vegetables. We encourage fresh fruit for pudding, and use seasonal fruit and vegetables, to add variety to the diet, and get the best of the seasonal offerings.

In addition we regularly contribute to various charity events that the nursery strives to support, red nose day, the garden fete for Meningitis Trust, to name a couple. It is wonderful to have such a great working partnership with you the parents and to be able to listen and accommodate your child’s needs on an individual basis.

We hope that this has provided you with a little insight into our wonderful kitchen and healthy eating plan, and hope you feel as inspired as we do, about healthy choices, healthy minds and healthy bodies, starting from the day you are born!

The Nursery Kitchen Team