Practising Mindfulness and “Mini Mindfulness” at Circus Day Nursery

Aside from the fact that our founder Sue Wilson is passionately dedicated to staying at the forefront of learning and development in the early years, she and Circus are equally committed to offering opportunities wherever possible to The Circus Family for their personal and professional growth.

Parents, staff and children alike all face moments of stress, charged emotions and overwhelm – for different reasons. Many of us have feelings of not being grounded in our own life or perhaps a desire to run away from difficult situations. This is part of life. And what creates our difficulty is not what happens in it, but our response to it.

“Mindfulness put quite simply, is AWARENESS. It is paying more attention to the present moment to improve your mental wellbeing. Being mindful means knowing directly what is going on inside and outside yourself, moment by moment.”

As adults, making just a little time for this each day improves our sense of well being, our compassion and connection to ourselves and those around us whilst reminding us of our joint purpose and motivation in our work and actions.


For all these reasons and more, we are very excited to be introducing relaxing and calming Mindfulness at Circus from this summer.

The Circus Family have had an Introductory training session with an established Mindfulness expert from London who has worked with us to explore and select supportive mindfulness tools for BOTH the grown ups (our carers, mummies and daddies) and of course for the children.

We are looking into creating a peaceful “Mini Mindfulness” area and allocating a little time each week to do some gentle exercises with the children using simple breathing, body awareness and creative exercises. We are already seeing the calming and nurturing effects – so watch this space!