You might have seen on our Facebook page a few weeks ago that we advertised a special offer for all Circus parents with Aquatots Baby Swimming.  With all the excitement surrounding Christmas this year you might have missed it.

However we thought this a great time to remind you of this fantastic offer as Aquatots begins new courses just a few weeks away in February and they are signing families up for them now.

Here’s the offer: All Circus parents who book a swimming course for their children will save 10% off the cost. Plus they will also receive a neoprene swim pant when they book a duckling course – a value of £6.49.

You might remember that we published a post on Aquatots back in November 2011 entitled Teaching Babies to Swim – A Mother’s Story.  In it, Fiona Munt-Whittle, founder of Aquatots, discusses how and why she decided to teach her first baby to swim over 25 years ago.

Since then, Fiona has had three other children, and with each child she developed more techniques and gained more experience teaching babies to swim.  It’s this experience that she based her business Aquatots on when she set it up in 1998.  She has currently taught over 6,000 babies to swim!

Your little ones learning to swim has benefits you might not have ever contemplated.  There are of course the physical and mental benefits of exercise but there’s also the bonding between parent and child that takes place during the sessions plus the advantages of your child feeling comfortable in the water and learning water safety techniques that might, one day, save their life.

Here is a piece from iVillage talking about the many benefits of teaching babies and young children to swim.