The GREAT Outdoors – The Mud Kitchen

“We do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing” – Benjamin Franklin

We are fortunate to have a very large garden at Circus Day Nursery and it is our intention to take full advantage of it for the children in our care.

We want your child to feel the tickle of an insect on their skin, listen to the bees buzzing, gaze at clouds, see a ladybird lift it’s wings and fly and taste a plant that started as a seed that they planted.

We want children to appreciate the great outdoors, so we are continually developing this beautiful outdoor space to provide a positive environment for children to learn with both enjoyment and challenges. This month we have introduced The Mud Kitchen, a place children can be creative, manipulative and role play wherever their enthusiastic minds may take them.

This all helps support language and creative play through imagination whilst developing their knowledge and understanding of the work and to care of living things. So many amazing things happen as we open our minds….