We get many testimonials from parents both past and present here at Circus Day Nursery and you can read a selection of them here on our website.

Sometimes though we get a testimonial from a parent that touches us so much we want to share it in a way thats more personal. Recently we received the letter below from the Parents of Elis and Otis who attend the nursery.

Pittville Circus Rd



GL52 2PZ


Dear Team,


We would like to thank you for the excellent care the whole staff have shown to our sons Eli and Otis.


The Circus is such a warm and friendly place.  Eli and Otis obviously loved attending the Baby Suite.  They have developed obvious bonds with the team; it is clear that they are genuinely loved and cared for.  The joy of their development is clearly shared by the staff.  It is obvious that the Circus team care about the educational stimulation and social development of the twins with an invigorating balance of activities.


The additional needs of our boys due to their Down’s Syndrome has been catered for extremely well. It has never been a concern of ours that they would not grow and advance their skills at Circus.  We thank you for the attention to detail with their care, no request from ourselves has ever been a problem.  The sharing of information has been also been excellent.  From their weekly development update which has always been warmly received to the input into the regular CAF meetings.


We are extremely pleased with our choice to send the boys to Circus and would happily recommend the nursery to anyone else.


Kind Regards,

Jude and Neil

Eli and Otis bring joy into the lives of many at Circus and its hard not to raise a smile or laugh when interacting with them. Eli & Otis moved to Jugglers with Justine and her team this month. Abel, their baby brother, is in Babies so they are a huge part of the Circus family!

Thank you Jude and Neil for your very kind words.