Our aim with starting this blog is to provide parents with informative support and knowledge in relation to nursery life, and in caring for children aged from three months to five years (school age) in general.

I know as a parent, when my daughter was six months old, and I was faced with the option to return to work, the process of finding the right childcare facility was both an emotional and overwhelming experience.

After all, our children are our most cherished ‘treasures’, and we want to make the right decision, based on the child’s needs and our needs.

With that in mind, I eventually ventured from my previous life, and set up Circus Day Nursery. My daughter was almost three at that time. So she was the perfect ‘student’ to help me get started!

As a result my studies radically changed, to focus on children’s development, and research areas of educational learning, which then soon became my passion, and my job.

Thirteen years later, Circus has grown, developed and matured, into a childcare setting, which has seen more than 500 children develop through the first stage of their ‘journey of life’ at nursery.

We feel it is important to build trust, and be able to share valid, relevant information, to help you as a parent, gain the most from raising your children. We aim to work with professionals and specialists, gaining insight into research, and education, to better cover relative topics, focusing on child development and learning, coupled with many other areas of interest.