It might seem like inviting your small child to cook with you could create more Kitchen Nightmares than even Gordon Ramsey has experienced, but…

Here are just a few reasons why teaching kids to cook is a good thing:

  1. If kids contribute to the creation of a healthy meal they are more likely to eat it
  2. It’s a great activity to bond with with the kids in your life over
  3. Kids will develop a sense of pride over their contribution to a family meal
  4. Your kid is learning to cook – a vital skill that you can foster while they grow up and will set them up for a lifetime of healthy eating
  5. Your kid will be educated about different foods, what they are and where they come from.

All kids know what ketchup is, but do they know that a tomato is what’s used to make it? Check out this video from Jamie Oliver’s food Revolution showing 6 year old children in the US who are unable to identify common vegetables like tomatoes.

Ready, Steady – Cook!

Find a recipe that your whole family will enjoy. Or better yet, involve your kid and ask them what you should cook together. Maybe there’s a family.