Caring through Covid

A year like no other touching and effecting everyone brought with it many unprecedented changes which resulted in new coping strategies and adaptations on both personal and professional levels for all of us.  As key workers and proud members of the Circus Family Team, the dedication shown in each member during these exceptional times in continuing to provide a safe, professional service to parents and families has been outstanding on so many levels.  Whilst we continue to navigate through the many changes imposed and new norms, we want to express a very heart felt thank you to all of our customers for their ongoing support, words of comfort, kindness, gifts and beautiful testimonies.  As a way of spreading some positive spirit and energy thought it would be lovely to share the below messages of gratitude and appreciation to our page aptly dedicated to Caring through Covid

Honestly the staff at Circus do so much for every child attending but I am personally so incredibly thankful to have had you all as a life line especially when I was parenting alone whilst my husband was working away.

My daughter learns so much at nursery too, she wouldn’t be the little girl coming out of her shell if it wasn’t for the staff and giving her new experiences and interactions with others.

Forever grateful for the Circus Family!
For now a big heart felt thank you.

Sandy M

February 2021

I was actually thinking of all the staff today at Circus, wondering what I can do to show our family’s appreciation for all of you. In such an uncertain time, Circus is what gives my daughter a sense of normalcy and socialization. Thank you to all of you for showing up and continuing on with children that have zero sense of hygiene and personal space.

Alix H

February 2021

My daughter is really enjoying her time at Circus Day Nursery and comes home very proud of the new things she has learnt. She tells Jordan that she is “happy today” when I come to collect her. It makes it more difficult not to send her into nursery knowing what she is missing. I am really impressed with the alphabet activities she has been doing. I am trying to encourage it with some learning games at home too. Hopefully it will not be much longer before she can come back and join everyone again.

Sarah T

February 2021

You guys are all doing brilliantly. My son just loves coming into nursery and adores his key worker, we will support you guys in whatever way we can during this time (even if that is just bringing in some treats for the staff)

Melissa G

February 2021

Let us know if there is anything we can do to help, although sill working full time, I could always come to cover staff lunches or any odd jobs. All in this together! Hope this is not too stressful for you.

Sarah R

February 2021