“Today, over 100,000 children and adults, use Makaton symbols and signs”.

“Makaton is the UK’s leading language programme used by adults and children with learning or communication difficulties and by everyone who shares their lives!”.

Makaton at Circus

Here, at Circus Day Nursery, we understand the importance of providing all children with the knowledge and ability to communicate their needs, wants and feelings.

We have recently began teaching children of all ages Makaton! Each week, the Nursery focuses on a new sign ‘the sign of the week’.

What is Makaton?

Makaton is a unique language programme, that uses symbols, signs and speech to enable people to communicate.

Who uses Makaton?

Makaton has began being used in an inclusive way with all children, not just for those with communication difficulties as it has been found to have many benefits.

What are the benefits of using Makaton?

Makaton supports the development of essential communication skills such as attention and listening, comprehension, memory, recall and organisation of language and expression.

Below are a few of the important Makaton signs, we teach the Children at our nursery:

  • Please
  • Thank you
  • Toilet
  • Nappy
  • Good morning
  • Food
  • More
  • Drink
  • Mummy
  • Daddy

The children also thoroughly enjoy learning Makaton signs that link to the time of year or the topic they are learning about.