Outdoor Play

Learning outdoors is one of the core objectives of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). Children allowed to play outdoors not only have increased energy and the ability to focus better in the classroom, they develop the social skills necessary to play successfully amongst their peers.

However with limited access to the outdoors and safety concerns for our children allowing our little ones free access to the outside world can be difficult, time consuming and a worry.

With almost an acre of land, children receive hands-on experience with the outdoors from an early age. An appreciation for nature is nurtured as the children learn through exploration and play in a safe environment and the Secret Garden is a child initiated project.

Our caring staff encourage children to come up with their own ideas on how this space is developed – whether it’s creating specific habitats for animals and birds so they feel welcome visiting the garden, landscaping the garden with flowers and other plants or creating a special house for our ‘Circus Fairies’.

Children enter the garden through a special gate which has it’s own magical key. Each time the children visit a different child is responsible for the key to the gate while the children play.

Research suggests that a concern for one’s environment is based on an affection for nature. This affection can only develop when autonomous, unmediated contact with the outside world is provided. At Circus we provide the space and encouragement for children to explore the outdoors safely so their appreciation for the environment grows.

Why don’t you contact us now and set up a tour so we can show you all our outdoor space and how our children are developing the Secret Garden?