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“Since leaving Circus I’ve managed to complete the long hard slog through education, eventually stumbling out of school with 3 A-levels in Chemistry, Physics and Math. This led me on to study Chemistry at the University of St. Andrews, I’m currently in the final year of my BSc.

Throughout this time, sport has been a something that I’ve had a little success with, having captained Gloucestershire age group cricket sides, my school hockey XI and now the university cricket XI. On top of this, I play rugby, which has given some of my most memorable times. A certain highlight would have to be the two Varsity matches I have played in. It has been pretty thrilling to run out in front of 15,000 students at Murrayfield for the past couple of years. Another highlight would have to be a cricket tour to South Africa in 2017. It was a tour full of great fun with a few poignant moments dotted around and seeing Cheetah hunt in the wild was a truly remarkable experience.

It’s great to hear that Circus Day Nursery and Pre school is still going strong, and I know that Sue has still kept in touch with my mother even 15 years after I had left the setting.

Wishing everyone at CD all the best until the next anniversary”

Jacques Sharam

“When Leah was born we knew that a time would come when certain decisions would be made in order to start her on the right path in life. Leah was fully reliant on us guiding and making choices and in turn we were putting our trust into others to help shape her future. As parents, we discussed various childcare options, which quickly narrowed down. Circus Day Nursery became her starting point where Leah’s development blossomed and social skills expanded due to the wonderful interaction with peers in an environment designed to enable children to excel. Our trust was fully placed within the staff team we met, and meeting each one of them only solidified our confidence and decision-making. We wanted to see Leah thrive, laugh, speak out and enjoy her days at Circus Day Nursery and we were never disappointed. Life is about choices and opportunities and through the Early years setting developing Leah’s confidence and self esteem, it created a solid platform.

Leah went on to junior school achieving many sports awards and was the first person to obtain a special bonus badge for her hard work ethic. On leaving Junior School, Leah achieved a sports and music scholarship to Dean Close School, and in her second year was delighted to be selected for Head Girl. That was a wonderful year full of pride for us all.

Leah furthered her sporting memories by becoming netball captain and playing for the 1st in Hockey and Netball teams. After the Prep-side of Dean Close, Leah completed exams to transition to the senior school where she is enjoying every moment. Leah is still playing 1st hockey and netball and the Music concerts are in full swing.

Leah has fond memories of Circus and will often visit the nursery to see the staff and children. Leah’s goal one day will be to play hockey or netball for England.”

Jay and Giles Barton

Freya and Cody are now 15 and 11.

“Freya is in year 10 at Cheltenham Ladies College and in the spare time that she gets she is a cheerleader and competed nationally and ,this year, also internationally. She is also a very good sprinter and just like when she was at Circus still never stops talking, dancing and singing! Come next year wen she’s 16 she’d love some holiday work experience at the setting if that’s something you would be happy to do!

Cody is year seven and attends Cheltenham College, he’s not too fussed on school work and is still the very sensitive soul that he was when he was at Circus. He adores playing sport, has won medals and trophies playing tennis, is a very handy football goalkeeper, plays hockey in goal for Cheltenham and took part in county cricket trials this summer.”

Alison Watts