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Our Little Library

We have a wide collection of books in our little library

“You can find magic wherever you look, sit back and relax, all you need is a book” Dr. Seuss.

At our nursery we like to make the most of every little space we have in our beautiful regency listed house of interest, so we’ve created a little library for the children, staff and families between our preschool floors. Books can be borrowed to support various topics or subjects as and when they arise and our children love to visit in small groups to listen to inspiring magical stories.

We have a wide collection of books on equality and diversity, feelings and emotions, books in various languages, books that can support both child and adult through life events like a new baby arriving and all the other experiences a child may go through during their time here. There is a wealth of books to support the staff in finding inspiration for their daily practice too.

We promote language and literacy in all that we do on a daily basis and spending time reading with children is such a great pleasure we want to share our library with our families too. We have a little book where you can sign and date for your chosen book or books to be taken so that you can borrow them yourselves for a short while, they are all stamped so you don’t get them muddled up with your own.

As it is not just story books in our library, although there are plenty of those too, you may find one that helps you with something you are experiencing with your child, like a biting stage for example or being kind to one another and learning how to recognise and cope with emotions. We use these great tools all the time so we hope you will find them useful too.

The team are also working on story sacs for the rooms and our families to borrow, they will include a book, puppets to support the story and any other support materials like puzzles or games. You will find useful information about the importance of reading to your child in their too and these are hung on the wall next to the books.