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The Hygge Approach – An Accredited Nursery

As a nursery we have chosen to embark on an accreditation.

At nursery we are proud to share that we have received the Hygge accreditation which is much like the curiosity approach, providing learning opportunities to all children in our care, whilst practicing the philosophy and sharing a warm, safe, cosy feeling of contentness and well-being

The accreditation is all about empowering early years educators to be the best version of themselves by creating a perfect blend of professional knowledge and development alongside valuing their own self- care and well-being.

We want the well-being of our staff and children to be at the heart of everything we do and we feel that this course will benefit each of us individually and together as a team whilst creating a clear and strong ethos for our nursery.

We look forward to sharing this philosophy as we continue to develop your child’s learning journey together.