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Some kind words from our lovely parents & guardians

A year like no other touching and effecting everyone brought with it many unprecedented changes which resulted in new coping strategies and adaptations on both personal and professional levels for all of us.  As key workers and proud members of the Circus Family Team, the dedication shown in each member during these exceptional times in continuing to provide a safe, professional service to parents and families has been outstanding on so many levels.  


Whilst we continue to navigate through the many changes imposed and new norms, we want to express a very heartfelt thank you to all of our customers for their ongoing support, words of comfort, kindness, gifts and beautiful testimonies.  As a way of spreading some positive spirit and energy it would be lovely to share the below messages of gratitude and appreciation to our page aptly dedicated to Caring through Covid. 

Caring Through Covid…

Our Lovely Testimonials Throughout the Years…