A year like no other touching and effecting everyone brought with it many unprecedented changes which resulted in new coping strategies and adaptations on both personal and professional levels for all of us.  As key workers and proud members of the Circus Family Team, the dedication shown in each member during these exceptional times in continuing to provide a safe, professional service to parents and families has been outstanding on so many levels.  Whilst we continue to navigate through the many changes imposed and new norms, we want to express a very heart felt thank you to all of our customers for their ongoing support, words of comfort, kindness, gifts and beautiful testimonies.  As a way of spreading some positive spirit and energy thought it would be lovely to share the below messages of gratitude and appreciation to our page aptly dedicated to Caring through Covid

My daughter learns so much at nursery too, she wouldn’t be the little girl coming out of her shell if it wasn’t for the staff and giving her new experiences and interactions with others.

Forever grateful for the Circus Family!

For now a big heart felt thank you.

Sandy M

February 2021

I was actually thinking of all the staff today at Circus, wondering what I can do to show our family’s appreciation for all of you. In such an uncertain time, Circus is what gives my daughter a sense of normalcy and socialization. Thank you to all of you for showing up and continuing on with children that have zero sense of hygiene and personal space.

Alix H

February 2021

My daughter is really enjoying her time at Circus Day Nursery and comes home very proud of the new things she has learnt. She tells Jordan that she is “happy today” when I come to collect her. It makes it more difficult not to send her into nursery knowing what she is missing. I am really impressed with the alphabet activities she has been doing. I am trying to encourage it with some learning games at home too. Hopefully it will not be much longer before she can come back and join everyone again.

Sarah T

February 2021

You guys are all doing brilliantly. My son just loves coming into nursery and adores his key worker, we will support you guys in whatever way we can during this time (even if that is just bringing in some treats for the staff)

All the best.

Melissa G

February 2021

Let us know if there is anything we can do to help, although sill working full time, I could always come to cover staff lunches or any odd jobs. All in this together!

Hope this is not too stressful for you.

Take Care

Sarah R

February 2021

Our Lovely Testimonials Throughout the Years…

Hello lovely ladies,

I just wanted send an email to say a huge thank you to you all.

Our son has settled amazingly in baby suite and we are so pleased, this is 100% down to the team with special mentions to Jess and Justine, who have been brilliant.

Our daughter is absolutely thriving in preschool one. Both Jordan and Tash have again been awesome. She is loving nursery so much that when I pick her up at the moment she cries because she doesn’t want to come home.

We cannot thank you enough and we love Circus!

Jenna M

March 2021

My child is currently in the pre-school setting and all the staff in this sector are extremely friendly and positive every day, no matter what time we drop off or collect. The overall staff morale is clear. They are happy and vivacious and the children are the exact same. Communication to admin is always met with promptness and politeness and no query is an issue. I like the social media element of the nursery and the various events and news shared. It gives all an awareness and showcases the different areas in the nursery. I am prod to tell friends and family that my child is apart of the Circus Day family.

Shivangi G

October 2020

Circus Day Nursery has been an absolutely outstanding child car provider to our little girl since day one. From the simple things, extending to much larger issues such as dealing with Covid-19 regulations. Our little one started during 2020 and the nursery made thing as clear and simple as possible but managed to keep the personal touch, to ensure we were confident and reassured, especially as they were unable to offer the usual settling in procedure. Their communication with parents is excellent and we have always felt that they do the best thing for our child. She always seems happy and well cared for, and the staff always spend time to give a really thorough update after each session. We would highly recommend this nursery to anyone within the area. Thank you to all the staff.

Stephanie T

October 2020

A beautiful nursery, that has been designed with ever-curious children in mind. Every staff member I have come across is friendly yet professional. It speaks volumes that my son runs away from his carer come home time because he doesn’t want to go home. The team keeps me updated on all relevant things surrounding him, good, bad and educational and that is in addition to the wonderful tapestry app. The nursery staff and especially management should be highly commended on how they have adjusted and overcome many obstacles with the current situation. Despite the pandemic, the team’s caring attitude has never wavered. I cannot thank you all enough for creating a space from our home to which my son loves just as much.

Maria D

October 2020

My son started at Circus this September and the team in the Baby room have been fantastic.
They are an incredibly warm, welcoming and enthusiastic group and my son is excited to be dropped off every day. He has very quickly built strong and trusting relationships with the team and tries to leap into their arms each morning when we drop him off. Everyone we’ve met at Circus seems so passionate and excited about their work and we are so impressed with the level of care and attention to detail. As first-time parents, we were nervous about picking a nursery and leaving our son with new people but the team at Circus have made the whole transition so easy for us and for him. We love how much time our son gets to spend outside in the well equipped and fun garden space and the variety of freshly cooked meals and snacks the children get throughout the day is great. My son loves his food so it’s fab that he hets to try so many new flavours. We would highly recommend Circus to everyone.


October 2020

To all at Circus Day Nursery,

Thank you so much everyone for such a great start back for Solomon, the work ‘put in’ and sacrifices made are so much appreciated. I know behind the scenes there has probably been so much anxiety and many questions but on the outside, you have made it look so easy. Bringing my son back to the setting felt like a seamless transition, all due to your hard work, organisation, professionalism and cheerfulness. I know many of the team have left their families to care for others. Thank you, we appreciate you.

With love, thanks and appreciation

Ruth and Harvey

June 2020

Today I picked up my daughter while it was “nap time” at Circus. As I was walking out, one of the staff members was changing a nappy in the room on the Clowns floor. The door was open (as usual) and it was her and the baby. And as it was nap time, the corridor was pretty empty and quiet. Anyway, she was blowing raspberries or tickling the baby (I couldn’t tell) and he was laughing in a fit and honestly… it was really really heartwarming to see. As a parent, to know that the staff at Circus enjoy their “job” and that they play with the children irrespective of whether other people are watching or not gives such a feeling of security. I am more confident every time I’m at the nursery that it’s the perfect setting for Melina. Thank you.


February 2020

I’ve been meaning to send some feedback about the Acrobats team, and the fantastic work I think they are doing. Margot is clearly learning so many new things in Acrobats as well as having lots of fun and growing in so many ways – her language, understanding, knowledge, and emotional maturity. Margot loves telling us about the activities they have done and showing off the new things she has learnt! She has a lovely bond with all the Acrobats team and it is great to know she is in such good and caring hands when she is at nursery. I also really appreciate that Caroline and the team take the time to explain at pick up time what the children have done and any special moments from the day.


January 2020

Thank you all so much for your daily help looking after baby June at the door and making nursery such a welcoming place to which Ane loves going every morning.

And so do we, we really appreciate all the effort Caroline and her team make to give us an insight into their day and activities, with so much detail and care. Coming up the steps to their floor there’s so much information on the wall and boards! Ane loves pointing out herself and friends at the door outside acrobats (the children’s photos on top of the flowers).

Thank you for uploading all the observations/pictures on the internal learning journey and access to the newsfeed – It is so much fun to look through the photos together at home and read through the observations.”

Iker and Lisa

November 2019

“I just thought I would drop you a line to say thank you once again for the graduation and the amazing time George shared with you since he was a baby.

He has settled into school so well, and today (only his second week in full time) has taken home a certificate for ‘Star of the Week!’ See attached. He had to stand up in assembly in front of the entire school to receive it. We are so proud. They have said he is thriving in school, he listens and follows their routines so well and is setting a good example to his new friends. We know so much of this has come from his experience at Circus days, so thank you!!”

Anna & Karl

October 2019

Dear Pre-School Class Staff,


I have just realised, since we go to France tomorrow on holiday and then I am back in China working, that Theo will graduate from your class before then and that I will not see you again after today.


I have watched you with admiration over the past year. You are, all of you, an exceptional group of teachers. I have been a teacher and/or headteacher all my life and I can spot exceptional teachers. Not only has Theo always been happy and confident in your care, but he has learned so much.  You always go above and beyond. You always show love to your pupils. You show them awe and wonder in the world around them. You care for them and nurture them. You are always calm and happy in your work. The children in your class get an exceptional deal.


I can only hope and dream that Theo will be as happy and productive and confident in his next phase of education as he has been with you. You should know however that you have given him an exceptional start, the sort of start in education that I wish all children could experience.  My thanks therefore for your dedication and exceptional talent and application, our little Theo has been such a lucky boy to be on the receiving end of your loving work. Grandma and Grandpa send you our thanks and our very best wishes for all of your future work with all of those lucky children who come to you.


July 2019

Elodie has done nothing but thrive within the outstanding environment you have created for the children in your care. You have provided her countless opportunities to explore her environment, develop her personality and confidence in social situations. It has been amazing to watch Elodie’s development over the past year and I know you have had a huge influence in Elodie becoming a bubbly, confident and independent little girl. Both Chris and I have had great pleasure looking through Elodie’s carefully planned learning journal and getting an insight into what she has been up to. Alongside the excellent care and devotion, you have given Elodie, you have given Chris and I a huge amount of support to which we are both thoroughly thankful for. You are all going to be sorely missed by all of us but especially by Elodie.


June 2019

I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying the online portal and think it is a fantastic idea for parents. It is great that I can log in and view my son’s progress in different areas (which is also regularly updated), read about things he has said and done and also to see some pictures of him.

This is my second child to attend Circus and I honestly couldn’t have wished for a nicer nursery for my children

Claire V

May 2019

“When we moved back to the area with our then 1 year old a friend recommended Circus to us, and from the first visit we absolutely loved it and have never looked back. The staff made us and our son feel so welcome and it was immediately obvious how much they all love their jobs and the kids they care for. He started on the Clowns floor as a shy quiet little boy, and four years later graduating from preschool he’s developed into a confident, independent and funny little man.

We have everyone at Circus to thank for helping him grow in confidence, he’s always had a fantastic time at nursery, and they’re always doing so many different and imaginative things, the staff go above and beyond with regular trips out to the park and theatre. We love the parents facebook page and it often brightens my day seeing pictures of what they’ve been up to. In his final preschool year Lucy and the rest of the team have done so much to prepare the kids for big school, from taking registers to doing PE lessons.

The graduation ceremony was definitely a highlight, it was so well planned and the kids looked great in their graduation outfits and did a brilliant (and funny) performance, it made their last day really special and was a good chance to say last goodbyes to everyone. After four years it’s sad to see him finish his journey at Circus but we’re glad it’s not the end for us as our two year old is still there on the jugglers floor. Thank you so much to everyone at Circus for making our experience so special, we can’t rate this nursery highly enough!”

Claire F

September 2018

Over the last 2 years my daughter has thoroughly enjoyed her experience at Circus. The staff team have been wonderful, very supportive and caring towards her in every way. From the moment she is greeted in the morning right the way through the day she is cared for by happy and helpful staff. She has had so many rich educational opportunities which has excelled her learning from activities set indoors to outdoors along with opportunities to explore the wider community. As a parent it is so lovely to see that my child is being cared for and educated to such a high standard.


August 2018

Sending Malle to Nursery was a very hard decision for me ~ as a Vintage Trained N.N.E.B myself meant I had high expectations, Circus Day Nursery has ticked every box. Malle always spoke fondly of the staff & has made happy memories & friends to cherish & I’m sure every time we drive pass she will pipe up in the back how she use to attend. Such a shame we can’t keep them little & innocent.

A very big thank you to each & every one of your dedicated, loving staff members … I will always highly recommend you ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Mireille C

August 2018

My daughter has been at Circus for 3 years now, having started just after turning one. She’s now about to leave Preschool for “big school”. She has loved Circus and really enjoys her time there. She’s made some good friends and has had brilliant carers in each room she’s been in. The staff are all lovely and take the time to get to know all the kids. They do a great range of activities and make the most of the large outside space. I love that they go outside every day. The food is great, the kids enjoy it and eat loads. Although it is quite a large nursery it is very friendly and caring. We are very pleased we chose Circus and happy that my son will be continuing there for a while too. Thank you everyone!

Becca W

August 2018

“Our son Oscar has been at Circus for just over 2 years, and absolutely loved every minute. From the very first moment we looked round we knew from the warmth of all the staff that it was the perfect place for us. It’s such a big decision, and we felt so torn about having to use a nursery to care for our child but the staff, and environment at Circus really has been exceptional. Our son, Oscar, has made some wonderful friends and had brilliant experiences – most of which he wouldn’t have got at home.

We’ve moved away which is the only reason Oscar isn’t continuing his Circus journey, and it says a lot that it really was the toughest part of our move – we’re yet to find another nursery that lives up to the experience we’ve had with Circus! Very big shoes to fill!

Thank you to all of the team, you’re all amazing!”

Jamie J

August 2018

Our daughter joined Circus from another setting when she was two years old. The staff were wonderful throughout her journey to school. I often looked forward to our second child going to Circus, I knew he would have a fantastic time and be loved and nurtured there. Alas, our circumstances changed and due to location and time constraints, our boy attends a different setting in town. I was disappointed but needs must. If I’d known that our daughter’s last day at Circus would be our last day at Circus too, I would have cried more than I did. Perhaps it sounds silly but when somewhere is so intrinsic and brilliant, you can’t help it. We have fond memories of the staff and the other children and will always think of Circus when we look back at our girls early years. Thank you.


June 2018

My husband, daughter and I had a wonderful viewing of your fabulous nursery last week on Monday 4th June, the facilities are incredible and the staff were so friendly and welcoming. We are both very excited to have found such a lovely nursery and feel confident our daughter will be very happy in your care. We would like to continue and register with you starting September 2018, she will be looking forward to joining the baby suite.

Jess L

June 2018

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for everyone’s help in settling my daughter into daycare. It has made me fully realise that we chose the right place for her and I really appreciate how professional, friendly and smiley everyone is when we arrive each morning. She may be a little stubborn about going in to nursery but she talks non-stop about everyone when we get home and absolutely lights up, so I know she is having a fabulous time with you guys. I’ve also seen a huge leap in her speech and listening since starting at Circus.

The ladies who care for her are brilliant and I’m so happy knowing that she gets to spend her days with them.


October 2017

So today was my daughters last day on pre school, what a truly amazing nursery! My little girl started her Circus journey at 9 months old and has worked her way through the setting to pre school. I can not thank the staff enough for what they have done for her, each and everyone of you are wonderful and I feel blessed that such kind warm hearted staff have looked after her… you have made her nursery experience the best ever and as one amazing chapter ends, a new one will begin for her.

Sarah L

September 2017

I just wanted to write and say thank you. My daughter has been with you for roughly 4 months now and she loves it.

I was nervous about having our daughter in nursery as it’s for socialising purposes rather than because I’m at work but felt it was important for her development. I’be never even had a babysitter before because I’d rather her be with me and didn’t want to leave her so nursery was a big deal. The staff that look after and care for her are just fantastic, nothing is too much trouble. My daughter loves it at nursery and her spoken word is quickly improving I’m sure as a result. She’s making friends which is important and seems to love the team who look after her. Nothing is too much trouble and they are happy to listen to me when I drop off and pick her up which I find hugely beneficial (I’m a bit of a control freak :)). So thank you so much. I’m so pleased we chose you as a nursery.

Laura H/Graham S

March 2017

Being a new mother in a new home in a new town, ensuring my two-year old son Quinn felt safe and settled at his first nursery was vitally important. I was finding my way and so would he be…

I felt anxious and unsure about leaving him, but all worries melted away once I met founder, Sue and a handful of the most loving girls who would be taking care of him.

From his very first day, he’s been thrilled to be in Clowns then Jugglers and now pre-school. He has blossomed into a confident, comfortable, humorous and deeply contented little boy. Curious to know more about the world and the people around him and always up for a cuddle!

I know that I owe much of the grounded sense of security that he enjoys to the heart-felt care he has received from his Circus Family.

Thank you with all my heart.


May 2017

I started my life at Circus Day Nursery since I was 1yr old. I am now 14 and believe this was one of the best experiences of my life. I remember what it used to be like but I would like to see it now and all the new staff etc. Mel, Caroline, Lance and Ben were the staff I remember.

Matthew S

March 2017

I just wanted to write to say thank you so much to my son’s key worker for the lovely letter and photos she sent home with my son on Wednesday. It really made my day to see how much fun he’d been having! I’m so pleased that he seems to be getting settled, and really appreciate her support and care for him.

Rebecca M

February 2015

Best nursery we’ve ever experienced. Top marks all round!

Kevin N

August 2014

Great nursery, I have visited a few times to meet Sue and the team when reviewing work for Ask Baby Cotswold. Keep up the great work.

Nina J

August 2014

We were recently guests at a wedding, in Cheltenham, where we were lucky enough to be able to make use of child-care provided by Circus Day Nursery staff. The two nursery carers had filled a room with toys carefully selected based on the children’s ages and the gender ratio. It was the first wedding that we had taken our boys, Oscar aged five and Felix who is three, and were slightly apprehensive, but we needn’t have worried. They loved playing with the train set and cranes whilst we were enjoying the speeches. Everyone was happy! They stayed up later than usual but as the tiredness kicked in they were able to watch the Lego Movie on the iPad. Oscar made some new friends too! Thank you for helping to make them feel at ease and looking after them so well.


June 2014

Staff from the Circus Day Nursery did a great job looking after children during our daughter’s wedding reception. The children were completely absorbed in their activities, and so their parents could relax and enjoy the speeches and cabaret. Thank you!

John and Una Q

June 2014

My little girl attended Circus for nearly four years. Not only was Circus an amazing support to me but they also offered my daughter a secure environment where she could grow, have fun and learn. She was always surrounded by positive people and happy children which has made her sociable and confident. What a great start!

Carol F

June 2014

As an Early Years practitioner and the senior early year’s consultant for Classpeople I have had the opportunity to visit and work closely with Circus Day Nursery. Having completed an Early Childhood Studies Degree alongside the manager Vikki, I already had a clear understanding of her professionalism and dedication to Early Years.

Gemma, Senior Early Years Consultant, Classpeople Agency

October 2013

My son Hugh has attended circus nursery since he was 5 months old and absolutely loves every aspect of his care. The girls are all lovely and caring. Circus has a lot to offer for childrens development. I highly recommend it as a setting. I wish he could go there for ever.

Cicera Brydon

October 2013

I know that Monty and Effie love their time at Circus by the smile across their face everyday when they’re getting into the car to go. Using Circus for four years now with two children we have experienced most floors and a lot of carers throughout our time. I can honestly say that I’m sure that we couldn’t have found a better, happier and friendlier setting for the two little people we love most. From the very first day it felt like a ‘home from home’ with the girls forming great relationships with the children and the parents. I know that they are both in a safe environment within Circus but most importantly…. they are having fun. When I drop Effie off in the mornings, I feel like I’m dropping her off with extended family who love her and enjoy being with her. I have two happy, outgoing and well rounded children and I’m sure that this has been encouraged and developed by Circus. I just wished they opened a junior school so they wouldn’t have to leave at 4!


October 2013

After looking at a number of nurseries, the staff at circus were the only ones that took the time to actually talk to Megan and play with her rather than talking to us! We felt comfortable with them straight away. Megan has now been there a year and has developed leaps and bounds under the loving and watchful eye of the girls on Clowns and now Jugglers. They look after the kids as if they were their own and we couldn’t have chosen a better place for her!


October 2013