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Our Natural Area and Secret Garden

A few pictures from our wonderful outdoor space

“The best classroom and the richest cupboard are roofed only by the sky” “Children want space at all ages…space that is ample space, is almost as much wanted as food and air. To move, to run, to find things out by movement, to feel ones life in every limb, that is the life of early childhood”
Margret McMillan, founder of open air school 1930.

Children have the right to learn and play outdoors, to be active with their bodies and minds and to experience nature in all its wondrous forms. We are proud to offer our children the opportunity to explore in our beautiful natural world area and our “Secret Garden”. These areas are accessible all day every day and can be used by all groups. Both areas are natural and give contrast to the also much used purpose built play static play areas, giving the opportunity for children to cover all characteristics of learning within our curriculum. As the saying goes “there is no such thing as bad weather only inappropriate clothing” so we ask that your child is always equipped for the great outdoors, we do however provide sunscreen for the warmer weather and poncho’s for when we want to have fun experiencing the rain. The children become accustomed to contributing to the development of our natural areas by using their own ideas and imaginations. Will they create an area to welcome fairies into the garden? Or would they like to plant a specific type of vegetable or flower? The benefits of outdoor play on children’s development include metal, physical, cognitive and emotional health as well as social skills which all contribute to a child’s self esteem. At Circus we are passionate about providing this invaluable resource for our children.