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The Circus Family

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Dear Parents,

I am thrilled and proud to introduce Katie, our newly appointed Early Years Manager, previously the Deputy Manager who returned to Circus after spending time raising her own three children to share her dedicated passion, warmth and in-depth nurturing experiences. Equally, I’m as delighted to introduce Ellen, our newly appointed Deputy Manager and previously the Curriculum Lead, who will also continue to support this role.

Both outstanding individuals share a deep thoughtful, passionate and dynamic approach to leading the team forward to achieve the best possible outcomes for all children in our care. I have full confidence once you meet these dedicated professionals you will see why Circus goes above and beyond as an Early Years Service reflecting a special “family” team of staff, validated by their ongoing longevity and loyalty to this setting.


Sue Wilson, Founder

Some passionate words from Katie:

I am delighted to have returned to Circus Day Nursery after 18 years spent raising my own family where I have fully embraced re-joining the Circus “family” team. I am honoured and proud to be the Early Years Manager. Working as an inclusive team is key to a successful management structure and within this privileged position my ethos is to ensure the well-being of all the staff team, parents and children at the setting, providing a professional, calm and welcoming environment.

Sharing previous management experience coupled with the Open University BA Honours programme I am keen to share the in-depth learning focus based on new research within childhood development. As a passionate educator my focus is spent inspiring children’s own curiosity, awe and wonder, providing natural activities and resources to stimulate their everyday environments. Reading is a strong passion and through my love of books, hope to share my inspiration with the staff and children. Equally I am excited to develop and embed the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum at Circus, providing and role modelling in all the 7 areas of learning and development.

In 2021, having qualified as a children’s yoga teacher I am also delighted to share my teachings, embracing Little Yogis which helps children develop on both a physical and mental level, providing those much-needed calm moments in their busy little lives. Working in the moment enables me as a children’s educator to follow the children’s lead, implementing activities in providing endless opportunities to learn and grow.

Fondest wishes,

Katie Cove B.A (Hons)

Early Years Manager

A passionate message from Ellen,

It is an absolute pleasure to return to Circus after being away for 15 years whilst I took a career break to raise my three beautiful girls.

Following completion of A-levels I went on to the University of Worcester where I attained a BA (Hons) degree in Early Childhood Education and from there I had my first full time job at Circus.

Having a degree has enabled me to follow my love and passion for childcare up to management level. It has provided me with the knowledge and specific skills needed to provide high quality childcare which facilitates children’s learning and development.

For the children at Circus I want to help and support staff to provide and embed a curriculum which is consistent throughout the whole nursery focusing on the individual child and their age and stage of development.

My aim is to promote the importance of activities which are play based as children learn best through play as well as ensuring there is a balance between adult directed tasks and child led tasks because only then will their learning and knowledge develop. Children are powerful learners. Every child can make progress in their learning with the right guidance and help.

“Play is the answer to how anything new comes about” Jean Piaget

Working at Circus is extremely rewarding, everyday is different and I feel privileged to be a part of a family that helps children learn, grow, and develop to their full potential. I am very excited about what the future holds and I look forward to being a part of the children’s journey.

“Somewhere in all of us is the power to change the world” Roald Dahl

Fondest wishes,

Ellen Townsend B.A (Hons)

Deputy Manager

Admin Manager

Joined the Circus Family in 1998 and remains our longest standing member of the team to date.

Admin Officer

Joined the Circus Family in 2005 and wholeheartedly welcomes new parents on personal tours of the setting.

Clowns Leader (Under 2s)

Joined the Circus Family in 2001


Joined the Circus Family in 2014

Babysuite Leader

Joined the Circus Family in 2019

Preschool 2

Joined the Circus Family in 2015

Jugglers (2-3’s)

Joined the Circus Family in 2007

Baby Suite

Joined the Circus Family in 2014


Joined the Circus Family in 2023

Clowns (Under 2s)

Joined the Circus Family in 2005

Jugglers (2-3’s) Leader

Joined the Circus Family in 2003

Rising 3’s

Joined the Circus Family in April, 2022

Apprentice (Clowns Under 2s)

Joined the Circus Family in 2019


Joined the Circus Family in 2018

Jugglers (2-3s)

Joined the Circus Family in 2017


Joined the Circus Family in 2023


Joined the Circus Family in 2020


Joined the Circus Family in 2023

Rising 3’s

Joined the Circus Family in 2005

Preschool 2 Leader

Joined the Circus Family in 2020

Rising 3’s

Joined the Circus Family in 2021

Clowns (Under 2s)

Joined the Circus Family in 2008

Nursery Chef

Joined the Circus Family in 2021

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