Baby Suites

Baby Suites

It is the quality of their relationships with loving adult attachment figures – particularly parents but also other carers – which determines how the brain develops, particularly its social and emotional functioning. ~ Penelope Leach (Author of Your Baby and Child)

At Circus Day Nursery in Cheltenham we nurture precious babies in our setting from as early as three months. We have all the amenities to provide top baby day care in our baby suites, including separate sleeping rooms, equipped with CCTV in the cot rooms to add ‘peace of mind’ whilst your baby sleeps and recoups. We also have two milk kitchens for bottle preparation and baby foods, one on each floor and The Baby Suite has its own outdoor all weather protected area in the garden. It is used throughout the seasons to promote the benefits of fresh air to the children.

However, the most important piece in the caregiver puzzle is what Circus does best – our trained and experienced baby day care staff form loving attachments with the little ones in their care.

Our staff take time to get to know the needs of each baby nursery babies by working closely alongside parents. We continuously assess individual needs to ensure the transition to nursery adapts according to the child’s evolving needs. Emotional security is the foundation for everything that we do. Close attachments and positive interaction enhances and develops awareness, stimulates a baby’s senses and ensures children get the best possible start in life.

Outdoor Sheltered Area For Babies in Leafy Cheltenham

With the pressing demands of going back to work, our parents enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that their precious babies are being cared for by staff who will offer them love and attachment.

Based on the individual development and needs of each child, the nursery works with parents to assess the best time for advancement to the next level – our Clown floor – between 12 and 15 months. At this time, we introduce ‘taster sessions’ to the child and parents. For a few weeks, the day nursery babies will periodically visit Clown Floor to experience playtimes, group times and mealtimes to build bonds with the staff and other children on the floor. This ensures that the child and parents are feeling settled and comfortable when it’s time to make the transition to the new floor.