Clowns Floor

Clowns Floor

“The activities that are the easiest, cheapest, and most fun to do – such as singing, playing games, reading, storytelling, and just talking and listening – are also the best for child development.” ~ Jerome Singer (Professor, Yale University)

Clown Floor is the next step in each child’s journey at Circus Day Nursery after the Baby Suite. Babies from 12 to 15 months and up to two years explore more depth, movement and spatial awareness while having their own individual unique developmental needs respected.

At this age children are generally beginning to walk and independently take notice of their environment. Routine is based on individual needs, involving stimulation by age appropriate toys and activities. We combine this with lots of praise and positive reinforcement within a loving and nurturing environment. Just like in our Baby Suite, Clown Floor carers respond to the little ones in their care with the love they need to get the best start in life.

Play and exploration is the way children at this age learn so we’ve set up Clowns Floor to provide as much encouragement for children to play as possible – indoors and out. There is a large playroom, creative room, ball pool area, separate sleep room and changing room on the floor. Plus everyday the children are encouraged to spend as much time outdoors in our safe outdoor play area as they spend playing indoors. This enhances their individual learning and development and allows them to make discoveries on their own whilst under constant supervision.

The next level at Circus is Jugglers Floor for our toddlers from ages two to three years. Again, we discuss with parents and decide together with the child’s key person when the children are ready to move on to this new adventure. Just like the transition from the Baby suite to Clowns Floor we introduce the child and parents gradually to the new floor gradually through a series of ‘taster’ sessions.